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- - - - - - SUE - - - - - -
I really appreciate that everyone can go along at their own speed.
No one is held back, no one is rushed.

- - - - - - SHARON - - - - - -
Class is very challenging. I love how the projects evolve excellent
demonstrations. I am interested in taking more classes.

- - - - - - CHRIS - - - - - -
There's so much to learn and so much you think you know and find out
you don't. Even if you've sewn before this course is essential to
get rid of bad habits, as well as, teaching you new concepts.
I've found that everything is paced for you. You are the person
who learns and you've never rushed. THANK YOU !

- - - - - - KIMBERLY- - - - - -
I am amazed at the level of skill I have achieved since attending
these classes. I have constructed numerous garments that are well-
tailored and very flattering. It is such a wonderful feeling to
receive compliments on my clothes and to be able to
say I made them myself!

Mr. Stiles is an excellent instructor who takes time to work with
you one-on-one and is quick to respond to your concerns. He is
enthusiastic about his classes and eagerly shares his vast
knowledge and expertise. I highlyrecommend this class to
anyone interested in sewing; it is a rewarding
and practical investment.

- - - - - -MEGAN H- - - - - -
In reading the previous reviews I had to take the time to comment about
my experience. I formally studied at the Illinois institute of art and later found
EWS ACADEMY to be invaluable- way more so than the thousands of dollars
i spent at the college. It's a comprehensive program that teaches you the
fundamentals of sewing from start to finish.

He is not just going to show you how to install a zipper on day 1. But if
you stick with the program you will learn absolutely everything you ever
wanted to know about sewing. You have to understand that mr stiles does
not take short cuts. Yes the first few classes are boring and you are
sewing lines over and over.

It's like learning your abcs to perfection before learning to write a novel.
No matter what your experience, taking the time to learn how to do things his
way pays in the end. You learn how to sew and design garments professionally
and perfectly.

If you want to learn a specific skill and that's it- then this may not be for
you. But if you have a passion for sewing down to the detail I would highly
recommend his classes. I believe he is exclusively online now (not sure).
I enjoyed his online classes as well.

- - - - - -MILDRED C- - - - - -
I have attended EWS ACADEMY for several years and have been so intrigued in the
many techniques of how to assemble pockets into a garment and taught the skills of
pattern making. Individual attention and encouragement from Mr. Stiles is a great
asset in accomplishing your particular project.

I finished many projects from designing a skirt, pants, a shirt, a jacket and what
I am working on now designing a dress. What is surprisingly, I wear everything
I sew! Thank you Mr. Stiles for awakening my creativity and my love for sewing!

- - - - - -ELLISE H- - - - - -

I started with EWS in October of 2010. Still going strong! I have have completed 3/4
of the curriculum. I have learned how to draft patterns,how to fit, how to drape,
needle skills. When I first called to get info, I wanted to know how the class room
was set up and the teaching style. I asked Mr. Stiles if I had to wait for a beginner
to learn how to thread the bobbin.

To my delight, the teaching style was based on the individual person. I had been
taught by a tailor & was sewing for 40 years prior to meeting Mr. Stiles, but I
needed refresher course and found the world in his class.

Class rooms were never overcrowded and everyone worked on different projects according
to their skill sets. When I started, there were classmates who started a couple of years
before. Being in the classroom gives you more! I enjoy listing to the experiences of
the teacher and my classmates. I am currently in Draping and soon to
start the men's overcoat.

- - - - - -KIM J- - - - - -
I have been attending tailoring classes at EWS for over five years and am so grateful
that this gem is so close to home. Over one-third of my wardrobe consists of garments
I constructed as a result of the excellent training I received at EWS. Family, friends,
and colleagues are amazed that my garments are not from a boutique.

I began with absolutely no experience and, like everyone else, went through the drafting
exercises and sewing drills. It wasn't always easy or apparent how these activities would
tie in but, it became abundantly clear when I began to construct my first garment and
beyond. As a teacher and attorney, I am no stranger to reading technical text.

I have purchased many books related to sewing, but none of them come close to providing
the level of instruction I received at EWS. Any cut-rate hack can read and learn a few
simple alterations or how to put in a zipper. A few of my classmates have attended
sessions at Vogue and came away less than impressed. If you are serious about
learning the art of tailoring, the EWS Academy is exactly what you're looking for.

Questions, E-Mail Us