(Made To Measure Expert, Master Tailor & Professional Fashion Instructor)
Has Over 40 Years Of Experience

Formerly MTM and Master Tailor/Fitter For Brioni's, Giorgio Armani, Polo-Ralph Lauren, Bigsby & Kruthers,
Marshall Fields, Brittany Ltd., Whitehouse & Hardy, Turner Brothers, Robert Vance Ltd., and others.
Mr. Stiles Is Now The "U.S. Master Tailor" For High-End Boutiques
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Mr. Stiles Opened His EWS Fashion Design Academy In 1995
He Is Teaching Children And Adults In The World To Sew, Design, Drape & Alter
Through His Online And Live Classes Aross The U.S..
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I was the former Head Master tailor for Brioni in Chicago. They closed this location on April 22, 2017. The company asked me if I would
relocate to either New York or Los Angeles, but I declined both offers. Brioni’s upper management asked me if I would be willing to do
special MTM (made to measure) fittings and the needed alterations. Because of high demands they also asked me to help with their
other Brioni’s store in the U.S. with some of their overload of alterations.

To both questions I said yes, but only as an independent contractor. I feel this is a great idea, because I have a professional tailor
shop, that is not being fully used. I made the decision to take on this wonderful opportunity and I wish to extend this offer out to
a number of other retailers of luxury men clothing. I am very interested in assisting with any of your excess men alterations.


• The company’s tailor would do the fitting on the garment
• I also have a flat rate for fittings at the client office or at their local area home
• The company would send the garment(s) to me via FedEx, with a return label included
• I would perform the alterations and send the garment back when finished in the same packaging
• I would invoice the company for my work or the client
• I have put together a universal alteration list which include fees

I would very much like to speak to you about my proposal. I would love to create a lasting partnership
between your company and myself. I would like to hear your thoughts on a working partnership between
both parties. If you wish for me to call you just send me a number and time to call you. I
wish to thank you for your time.

If you know of any other high-end boutiques that might enjoy having my services, please
forward my information to them. I wish to thank you and hope we will be able to have
a wonderful working relationship.

Sincerely, Eric W. Stiles Sr.

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Call Us At: 708 - 424 - 4397