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E.W.S. Fashion Design Academy
3835 W. 95th St. Evergreen Park, IL.
(Only For Classes Held At Our Academy)

Immediate Note:
We will no longer accept registration for classes held at our academy.
As of May 31, 2014, the EWS Fashion Design Academy will no longer offer
their live classes, at the academy. After 23 years of teaching, we will only offer
our classes online. I wish to personally thank the many thousands
of students we have the pleasure and joy of teaching.

As with any progress, it is important to keep improving, researching, developing
and creating. Therefore, we have decided to close the physical academy to the
public and only offer our classes online. We want to teach cities, towns and
soon other countries to create, sew, design, drape and alter their fashions.

Again I would like to thank our current and previous students for
allowing us to teach them to sew, design, drape and alter.

EWS Sewing & Fashion Design Academy

Instructor's Professional Credentials:

Eric W. Stiles Sr. Master Tailor, and Designer with over 30 years experience. He
was former Supervisor and Head Tailor for:
Giorgio Armani, Polo-Ralph Lauren, Bigsby & Kruthers, Brittany LTD., Robert Vance,
Turner Bros., Whitehouse & Hardy, and others.

Mr. Stiles taught for five years Tailoring & Fashion Designing at these seven colleges:
Prairie State, Moraine Valley, South Suburban, Daley, Kennedy King, Triton, and Wright

Mr. Stiles left the colleges to open his fashion academy, the EWS Tailoring & Fashion Design Academy,
in Chicago. He has been teaching Basic Sewing, Tailoring, and Pattern Making classes since 1995
to the present, at his academy.