This course will consist of 3 sessions
Fee is $81.00, your child attends class ond day a week for 3 weeks for 2 hours per class

This class is suggested for children with little or no sewing experience.
In this class, they will learn the enjoyable fundamentals of sewing.
These first timers will learn all the basics to get them started
with any sewing project. We will begin with the proper use of
the sewing machine, threading, safety, proper posture, stitch
drills, and how to make two different types of seams.

This children's sewing class is a lively and fun place to instill valuable
lessons of building self-confidence, self-esteem, focus, creativity, physical
awareness and a great appreciation for the art of sewing. Our instructors will
approach this and all of our classes in a non-intimidating way, providing a
safe environment for students to master the basics and express their

Materials list will be provided before the class begins.
(Supplies are included in this class). You will need to bring your
child's sewing machine to class.
You always have the option of continuing
with more advanced classes for your child, which will allow
them to further enhance and develop your skills.

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Eric W Stiles  
Sr. Online Classes