Eric W. Stiles Sr. & The
E.W.S. Fashion & Craft Academy
In Skokie Presents Their


(Classes Are For Ages 6 And Up)


(classes consists of 1-day per week and each day class is 1-1/2 hours long)
(Monday Or Saturday)

Here is your opportunity for your child to learn the enjoyable
fundamentals of this children's sewing class is a lively and fun place to instill
valuable lessons of building self-confidence, self-esteem, focus,
creativity, physical awareness and a great appreciation
for the arts and crafts.
- - - - - - - -
Your child will have the opportunity to learn and continue learning specialized
skills and techniques created by Mr. Stiles an industry experts. Non-sewers, beginners,
intermediate, and experienced sewers alike can take this series of hands-on, intensive
class to learn how to do sewing and to advance in their skills. Within a very short
while, your child will progress and learn more of the special techniques.
- - - - - - - -
At the end of the each class, your children will have the option of
continuing with our more advanced sewing classes which will allow them to further
enhance and develop your technique, and skills.
- - - - - - - -
Mr. Stiles and his instructors will approach this class and all of his craft classes in a
non-intimidating way, providing a safe environment for students to master the
basics and express their creativity.

For more detailed information, please contact Mr. Stiles via e-mail.

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